Pakistan Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) selling Sex to Norway ?


A man linked with Pakistan Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) arrested for selling child pornography Sex to Norway and Sweden. The case was revealed with the help of Norwegian embassy in the country.

According to Dawn’s report, the 45-year-old suspect Saadat Amin confessed that he had been selling child pornograpy content online for the last few years. Amin lured children on the pretext of imparting computer education. He even paid between 30 and 50 USD to the parents of the victims, saying that their children would learn computer skills at his one-room rented workshop in Sargodha.

Pakistani police launched the investigation after Norwegian Embassy in Pakistan sent them a letter informing that Norway police had arrested a Norwegian man in connection with the child pornographic content and that Saadat Amin was one of his accomplices in Pakistan.

A graduate of a University of Engineering and Technology Amin said to Dawn that he first was introduced to child pornography industry by his Norwegian client on the Internet.

– He offered me a deal asking me to sell him child pornographic content that I accepted. He would pay me between $100 and $400 for each video involving young boys. I used to sell not only my own recordings but also the video clips hacked from the servers of Russian and Bangladeshi porn websites to buyers in Norway and Sweden,” said Amin to Dawn.

A 45-year-old man linked with Pakistan Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) involved in country’s first child pornography scandal had wanted his main offshore client to arrange his and some children’s travel to Norway to produce pornographic content there, claims the Federal Investigation Agency’s cyber crime wing in Lahore.

The FIA has booked Saadat Amin under sections 20, 21 and 22 of the new cybercrime law (Prevention of Electronic Crime Act). These sections carry an imprisonment of 15 years. The FIA says this is a “first-of-its-kind” scandal unearthed in the country.

“I had asked my main client – Jane Lindstorm – in Norway to arrange for documents for visas for me and some children (who were learning computer skills) to travel to Norway. I had shared the nude pictures of these children with Lindstorm. The children are between 8 and 14 years,” Amin who was arrested in Sargodha on Tuesday last told this to his interrogator.

It took the FIA three months to trace Amin after being informed by the Norwegian Embassy, Islamabad, through a letter that the country’s police had arrested a man (Jane Lindstorm) in connection with the child pornographic content and that Amin was one of his accomplices in Pakistan.

Pakistani police reportedly seized some 65,000 child pornography video clips from the suspect’s possession. The suspect is known as a good hacker and having links with some Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) policemen.

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