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NORWAY NEWS is an online news site, written in English, dedicated to Norwegian affairs at home and abroad. Norway News.com is published online. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Norway_News

Norway News (www.norwaynews.no/ .com ) is a daily online newspaper in existence since May, 2003. The site is run by an Independent Journalist.

In the truest spirit of independent journalism, we believe all news, views and analysis published on NORWAY NEWS should be independent in the purist sense of the word, devoid of bias and partiality.

We want our commentary and support to come from you. Our readers are the truest defenders of Freedom of Expression, Human Rights and Rule of Law.

NORWAY NEWS.com / .no has readers in more than 120 countries worldwide.  A majority of readers reside in the US and Asia. Another large group of readers consists of non-Norwegian speaking individuals living both in and outside of Norway. We have a readership base of over two million people from various parts of the world.

NORWAY NEWS online is also read by policy “think tanks” both within and outside of Norway. The Internet is a very powerful communication tool in Norway and Europe. Online news has a greater audience than newspapers in print.

In addition to our news service, we take pride in providing our readers with information on Norwegian culture, travel, business and sports.

NORWAY NEWS’s 201 bureaus cover 151 countries across the world, with 70 nationalities represented among its 2000 collaborators. The Agency operates regional hubs in five geographical zones:

We continuously strive to improve the user value and service on our site. If you have suggestions for improvements, we would appreciate your comments, both good and bad.

Ansvarlig redaktør: Mr. V.N.Sethurupan – Editor-in-Chief
BA in Political Science
Reading – Bachelor of General Law (B.G.L)
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Journalist Miss.Ingrida Nevenchannaya
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Senior Correspondent in Russia

Journalist Mr. G.Fotland (Taiwan)
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Journalist Mr. Per Myhre (Africa)
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Journalist Mrs. V.Jal (UAE)
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