“The man who didn’t run away” – Eric Solheim


Norway’s former minister of Climate and the Environment, Erik Solheim says President Ranil Wickremesinghe has pulled off a political miracle in Sri Lanka, calling him ‘The man who didn’t run away’.

Solheim, appointed President Wickremesinghe’s International Climate Adviser in October 2022, took to ‘X’ to heap praise on the Sri Lankan President’s efforts to revive Sri Lanka from its economic crisis. 

“18 months ago the nation was in its deepest economic crisis ever. There were constant power cuts and long queues to buy fuel. Inflation was skyrocketing and most businesses were on the verge of collapse. The people toppled the then President.

“Stability is now restored in the land. Inflation is low. Power cuts and lining up for fuel are things of the past. Life is for sure still tough for many Sri Lankans. There is a lot of economic pain. But Sri Lanka can start looking ahead. To all the opportunities for a better future,” he said in a statement on ‘X’. 

Erik Solheim made the remarks after attending dinner with President Wickremesinghe and his wife Maithree Wickremesinghe in Colombo.

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