Norwegian Parliament, Supporters March for Tibet to Mark Rebellion Anniversary

Supporters of Tibet marched across the country and in cities around the world Sunday to mark the 60th anniversary of a Tibetan rebellion against Chinese occupying forces.

From Norwegian Parliament in Oslo to Toronto, London to New York City, thousands hit the streets in more than 100 rallies to remember the day Tibetans surrounded the summer palace of their spiritual leader, the Dalai Lama, amid fears that Chinese troops planned to kidnap him.

March 10, 1959, later became known as Tibetan National Uprising Day. Seven days later, the Dalai Lama escaped Lhasa and made passage to India where he has lived in exile ever since.

Relations have long been strained between Tibet and China, which invaded Tibet in 1950. Tibetans have claimed persistent political and religious persecution at the hands of the Chinese government, a charge Beijing has denied. China has called its takeover of Tibet a “peaceful liberation.”

“The common sentiment was how important it is for Tibetans and our supporters to continue staying resilient and for us to continue resisting,” Supporters said.

“We as people who live in the quote free world, it’s our responsibility to stand up for our brothers and sisters and amplify their voices from inside of Tibet,” Supporters said.