Norwegian Refugee Council: Millions of lives on the brink of danger in Yemen


The Secretary-General of the Norwegian Refugee Council, Jan Egeland, urged all governments to raise support to cover the needs of the worst human-made disaster in Yemen.

“The lives of millions are on the verge of danger in Yemen, so we urge all governments to raise support to cover the needs of the worst human-made humanitarian disaster,” the Secretary-General of the Norwegian Council said in a statement ahead of the donors’ conference in Yemen.

He pointed out that America, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Britain and other countries have launched a war that was shocking results that it made 24 million Yemenis need assistance, and this figure is three quarters of the population of Yemen.

“We also need the support of governments that are not involved in this heinous war, but most importantly, we want to see an end to the double-mindedness of some countries trading in weapons or taking part in throwing shells and bombs at civilians caught under fire in Yemen.”

Egeland said that Yemenis need more than the money, they really need to lift the siege on the country, open all ports and airports, rehabilitate public services and a large-scale ceasefire to ensure that the negotiations reach a solution that ends this conflict.

 The Secretary-General of the Norwegian Council confirmed that this was the only way to break the vicious circle of suffering of Yemenis.

The United Nations and the governments of Sweden and Switzerland will hold a conference tomorrow to announce pledges to Yemen in the Swiss capital Geneva. The conference aims to raise four billion dollars in support of the humanitarian response plan in Yemen.

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