China-Norway cooperation on climate change set to prosper


Cooperation between China and Norway on tackling climate change and in other fields is on the right track, a senior official in the Norwegian government said on Tuesday, expressing his optimism over such bilateral efforts.

Andreas Motzfeldt Kravik, state secretary of Norway’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, emphasized that Norway and China have collaborated extensively in tackling climate change and environmental issues despite the fact that challenges on this front are ever-present.

“Today, we are facing other challenges, though, with issues connected to climate change and environment at the forefront. This is an area where Norway and China have substantially cooperated over a number of years. And we are hoping that we can continue to do so, and … achieve the sustainable development goals,” Kravik said during a reception hosted by the Chinese Embassy in Norway to celebrate the 74th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China.

Kravik applauded the progress made by China in recent decades in eradicating poverty, saying that “during the last decades, the Chinese government has made huge strides in alleviating poverty. China is now an advanced, sophisticated and prosperous nation. The transition is remarkable.”

Next year will mark the 70th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Norway and China, a milestone that Kravik believes will provide opportunities to boost collaborative efforts. “I’m certain that the business community and our respective diplomatic and trade representatives will contribute to making the years to come prosperous for both our countries,” he said.

Hou Yue, Chinese ambassador to Norway, said that China has become Norway’s second-largest source of imports, and the largest destination for exports outside Europe. High-quality Norwegian seafood is becoming popular in more Chinese households, while Chinese electric cars are now more commonly seen on Norwegian roads.

“China and Norway share common values in addressing climate change, upholding multilateralism, and there is tremendous potential for cooperation in areas such as marine economy, green transformation and multilateral affairs. All in all, the future of China-Norway relations holds great promise,” said Hou.

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