Newroz celebrated in Oslo

The Democratic Kurdish Community Center (DTKM) in Oslo, Norway organised a celebration marking the Kurdish New Year, Newroz.

The Newroz celebration took place after two years of interruption due to the pandemic. The event at the indoor sports arena Ekeberghallen began with a minute of silence in memory of revolutionary martyrs, which was followed by speeches.

Speaking here, Oslo Deputy Mayor Abdullah Alsabeehg said, “Newroz, the new day, is the festival of peace for the future. What will bring the ongoing wars to an end is the unity and fraternity of Newroz, our desire for peace and our hope. Newroz means colorfulness and all these values represent the diversity of Oslo as well.”

Kurdish politician and writer Celalettin Delibaş also spoke at the event and pointed to the isolation imposed on Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Öcalan. He continued, “Without doubt, Kurds and Kurdistan have entered a new and historic period. This is why the hegemonic powers are afraid of the Newroz fire, of the spirit of March 8, of the Kurdish colours red, green and yellow, of Kurdish dresses. They are afraid of the ululation of Kurdish women and Kurdish mothers. Yet, the Newroz of 2020 has revealed once again that the resistance of Leader Öcalan, the tremendous guerrilla fighting and the will of the Kurdish people frustrated the plans of all enemies.”

The celebration continued with the performances of Oslo Kurdish Children’s Choir, artists Welat Kobanê, Hozan Kawa, Tirêj Urmiye and Bêhzad Selimi.