Marine Harvest’s ‘ship’ concept rejected in Norway


The Norwegian fisheries directorate has rejected Marine Harvest’s application for six development licenses to farm salmon on the “ship” (Skipet), an experimental fish farm design to produce salmon, the regulator said in a statement.

Marine Harvest’s initial plan was to convert a scrapped bulk carrier to a closed fish farm where the tank would be used for salmon production. The firm applied to farm in six tanks with about 158,000 salmons in each.

Marine Harvest said the concept would be beneficial “since it is based on the re-use of existing ships” and for its “escape safety”, due to the fact that the tank has solid walls.

The application was sent in June 2016, and the directorate apologized for a slow process.

To be awarded a license under the scheme, companies must show that their plans bring technological innovation while also adhering to strict environmental and animal welfare procedures.


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