Norway detains a Russian for possessing explosive


It is known that the detainee came to Oslo on a visit, although before that he used to live in Norway for several years and was familiar to law enforcement officers.

The Norwegian police have detained a Russian citizen in the capital of the country on suspicion of storing an explosive device, Norwegian TV channel TV2 reports.

The name of the 30-year-old Chechen detained late on the evening of April 20 in Rosenhoff area  is not specified.

According to police representative Grete Lien Metlid, a lengthy interrogation, that followed the detention, provoked the intention of the police to petition for taking the detainee into custody. Details of the interrogation have not been disclosed so far in the interests of the investigation.

According to news agency NTB, in the evening of April 19, the Oslo police received a report about a victim in one of the apartments in Rosenhoff area, who needed help.

The police officers that arrived at the scene found three men and a “suspicious object” in the apartment, after which the residents of the building were evacuated, and the premises were examined by sappers. The Russian, who was in the apartment but did not live there, was rounded up. Two other men have the status of witnesses.

Concerning the detainee, it is known that he came to Oslo on a visit, although he used to reside in Norway for several years and law enforcement officers have previously met him.

It is reported that Oslo will take the decision on a measure of restrain for the Russian, suspected of possession of explosives, today. According to TASS, Russian diplomats in Norway are verifying information on the detention of the Russian citizen.

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