NATO ships clear historic ordnance in the waters of northern Norway


Standing NATO Mine Countermeasures Group 1 (SNMCMG 1) has concluded a historical ordnance disposal operation along the north coast of Norway, in the in Lofoten and Tromso areas, making them safer for fishermen, merchant shipping, underwater operations and civilian installations.

The operation, conducted between 4 and 12 August 2020, identified and disposed of several mines from World War II. The disposal activities were conducted so as to best preserve the marine ecosystem. The operation helped enhance knowledge about the seabed and contributed to the Norwegian compiled historic ordnance database.

SNMCMG1 currently consists of four vessels: HNoMS Maaloey (Norway), ENS Admiral Cowan (Estonia), FGS Groemitz (Germany) and flagship LNS Jotvingis (Lithuania).

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