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AfghanHighPeaceCouncilThe High Peace Council (HPC) has praised what it calls change in Taliban’s stance towards women’s rights in Afghanistan, following a meeting between the Taliban’s representatives and Afghan female lawmakers in Norway.The Taliban’s representatives held talks with female lawmakers and civil society members in Oslo earlier on Saturday and as well as they joined a meeting with a number of Afghan political figures in Dubai on Sunday. Fawzia Kofi and Shukriya Barikzai—two female lawmakers, Hawa Alam Nuristani and Sediqa Balkhi, members of the HPC were present in the meeting in Norway.
Quoted by Radio Azadi on Monday, the HPC Advisor for International Affairs, Mohammad Ismail Qasimyar, said that following the Qatar meeting, the Taliban has changed their stance regarding women’s rights. “The Taliban representatives have expressed in Qatar that girls have the right to educate and women have the right to work. This is one step forward towards HPC goals,” he said.

Malalai Shinwari, former member of the Parliament and one of the participants of the recent informal talks in Qatar, has said that the Taliban’s standpoint has changed towards women’s rights.

In the meantime, Qasimyar said that a number of Afghan politicians and two members of Quetta Shura have met in Dubai. He said such meetings are vital for building trust between the Afghan government and the Taliban.

According to reports, Qayum Kochi, President Ghani’s uncle was one of the participants of Dubai meeting. Moreover, Sayid Ishaq Gilani, Mirwais Yasini, Qutbuddin Hilal had attended talks with the Taliban in Qatar.

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