Polish traveler trapped in Svalbard rescued by Norwegian team


Marcin Gienieczko, a Polish traveler stranded in the Svalbard archipelago, was located by a rescue team early on Saturday and taken to the hospital, his family said on Facebook.

Gieneczko’s goal was Mount Newton, the tallest mountain in the Northern Svalbard archipelago (1,713 m above sea level). Nonetheless, extreme weather disrupted his plans. 

The Pole was reportedly unable to leave the tent due to the 144 km/h wind, snowstorm, and minus 36 degree temperature, according to Polish television station News 24, a partner in the expedition. 

“The sleigh was probably completely buried, thus Marcin lost his fuel and food supplies (the ones he has with him are enough for one and a half days), the tent frame, which was Marcin’s only shelter, was not able to withstand it, only part of it is still standing”, News 24 wrote. 

Early on Friday, Gieneczko called for help. Due to poor weather, the Norwegian rescue team had to halt the rescue operation. Then on Saturday, the weather got better, making it possible to get to the Pole. 

Family members have been informed that Gieneczko was just evacuated and carried by helicopter and is now safe and sound under the supervision of professionals. He was brought to the hospital for a thorough checkup. 


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