Norwegian FA (NFF) equal gender split on Executive Committee


386px-Norway_FAThe Norwegian FA (NFF) has become the first national football federation to have an equal split of genders on their board after four women were elected to its Executive Committee. After recent elections, the eight member panel that runs football in Norway now has an equal split of four men and four women. Mina Gerhardsen and Turid Storhaug have been added to the committee alongside previous members Mette Christiansen, Vice-President, and Eli Arnstad to achieve equal representation on the board. Speaking after the panel was announced, Yngve Hallen, NFF president, stated the significance of the equal board of Norwegian football: “We now have a board with 50% women.”“That is fantastic news, and it reflects how highly we place women’s football, both at the top level and among the masses.”

The NFF has previously included women in high-profile roles within the association. Karen Espelund, former NFF general secretary, became the first woman to serve as a full member of the UEFA Executive Committee.

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