The fifth anniversary festival Russian Word was held in Voronezh Russian oldest city  


The Russian Word Festival was held in Voronezh, as in one of the literary centests of Russia. In the concert hall for two days it was the fifth anniversary, this festival is about patriotism and transformation and the formation of current meanings. The ideology of the festival is presented in poetry, philosophy, history.

Sergey Dvoryanov is leader of public diplomacy in Russia 

The opening was held solemnly with the participation of the Minister of Culture Maria Mazur, she emphasized that the festival program was fantastic and the concert too. Further, State Duma deputy Dmitry Kuznetsov spoke about Voronezh as a city with a 500-year history, which is a stronghold of the Russian land, a border territory previosly.

Zakhar Prilepin, the founder of the festival, unfortunately, could not attend this time, but the head of the Zakhar Prilepin Volunteer Foundation, Yuri Mezinov, opened a panel discussion on the topic “Missionary work beyond the material” and introduced the first speakers: Ulyana Strizh, Semyon Pegin, Petr Lundstrem, Sergey Moskalkov. The essence of cancel the  culture and its representatives were vigorously discussed. At the end of the discussion there was a selfie photo session with hearts with Ulyana Strizh.

In the evening there was a wonderful concert, where talented groups performed, such as “Lampasy”, who amazed with their cover version of folk song Stenka Razin, “25/17”, “Tales of the Black City”, etc. also performed. 

A lot of honored guests arrived from Moscow, to including Alexander Sholokhov, the grandson of the great writer, he expressed his opinion about M. Sholokhov’s book “They Fought for the Motherland” and about the village of Veshenskaya, where the writer’s museum of the same name is located.

One of the most vibrant and final discussions was about the “Spiritual meaning of Special military operation  and its possible scenarios.” The speakers were: Alexander Sekatsky, philosopher, Alexey Chadayev, political scientist, Gleb Ervie, military correspondent, Sergei Dvoryanov, Doctor of Philosophy, historian, leader of public diplomacy in Russia and President of the international diplomatic club Amicability, who charismatically gave a speech about what he proposed to think about why in the Russian symbol of the festival “Russian Summer” the lamb’s eyes are open, but the Madonna’s eyes are closed. “For me, the NWO is God’s blessing and a gift from the West.

The humanism of Soviet man, as an idea, has exhausted itself as a secular idea. If we talk about the meaning of the Northern Military District, look at the geography of Russia, it is simply doomed to fight, we have always been hardened in battle – this has made us stronger. While deputies are buying foreign real estate, or Pugacheva’s songs are being heard from Moscow venues, if not for the military operation, we would have exhausted ourselves from the inside, like corrosion eating away at people’s consciousness. Ilyin’s book “The Singing Heart” talks about the great tragedy of generations that they do not know the experience of prayer. Why not end the fifth anniversary festival with a beautiful, massive procession of the cross, then no one can a priori ignore the Russian Summer festival. It is known that perseverance is needed to win a war, this is our battle for spirituality, that’s why we are a nation of winners.”
Ingrida Kim, journalist and UN Ambassador for Peace, made a proposal to hold the forum abroad next year, for example, in African countries. Because even poetry unites Russia and Africa, since Pushkin’s great-grandfather was from Ethiopia.

Special thanks to the organizers, everything was at the highest level.
Ingrid Kim

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