Backpacker killings has lost faith in Islamic State


A Moroccan man who has confessed to being involved in the murders of Danish backpacker Louisa Jespersen, 24, and her Norwegian friend Maren Ueland, 28,  has said he regrets their deaths.

He is one of four men currently on trial for the December 2018 murders.

“I used to love Islamic State, but now I don’t know,” he also told the court.

Should the men be executed for the murders, they will be the first to be handed the death penalty in the country since 1993.

Trial recalling the atrocity committed in the beautiful Atlas mountain range (photo: Michel Gagnon)

Violent death in Vanløse the result of a simmering feud
A 19-year-old man has been sentenced to 12 years in prison for murdering a 35-year-old man in the Greater Copenhagen suburb of Vanløse in December 2017. However, his co-defendant, a 57-year-old Greenlandic man, who restrained the victim around the leg while he was attacked, has been acquitted. The court in Frederiksberg heard how the incident on Randbølvej quickly evolved from a fist fight into deadly assault with a weapon. First the 19-year-old man used a sharpened drinking vessel and then he used a knife. It is believed two wounds made by the knife in the victim’s back caused his death. The two men knew one another before the incident. A fortnight earlier they had rowed in public over the younger man’s girlfriend.

Serial killer to be medically examined
A Copenhagen judge has called for a medical examination of the man currently being held in custody who is suspected of killing three elderly people in Østerbro in February and March. The police, meanwhile, are becoming increasingly fearful that the media coverage of the murders will be detrimental to their attempts to build a case. The police already suspect that some of their ‘witness testimonies’ are false.

Upgraded from manslaughter to murder
The Vestre Landsret high court has doubled the sentence of a 42-year-old man found guilty of murdering a 49-year-old man in Frederikshavn in 2017 from six to 13 years. At the original trial at a court in Hjørring, he only faced a charge of manslaughter. A second man, 59, was give a life sentence at the original trial. Both men blamed one another for the murder, which the courts concurred took place after the pair caught up with the victim after he had broken into an apartment in search of a woman.

Young German man arrested following suspicious housefire near Esbjerg
A 19-year-old German man was arrested late on Wednesday evening following a house fire that killed two people in Blåvand in western Jutland near Esbjerg. The police discovered the bodies on Tuesday at a villa on Bytoften, and an autopsy on Wednesday confirmed that one of the victims, a 61-year-old man, had died before the fire. The other victim was a 85-year-old woman.

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