The world’s first washing- and de-icing machine for aircraft launched in Norway

The prime minister of Norway, Erna Solberg, was present when MSG Production launched the world’s first automatic solution for washing, de-icing and de-sanding of aircraft at Skien Airport on September 15, 2018.  Several hundred guests were present to witness the first ever machine wash of an aircraft, including potential customers from various parts of the world.

  • Three main factors are making the MSG innovation a solution for the future.  This is a green solution, it’s smart and its futuristic, prime minister Erna Solberg said in her opening speech.


While carwash machines have been on the market for decades, aircraft are still being washed and de-iced by time-consuming manual methods.  In some areas of the world, airlines have big problems with sand sticking to the body and engine of the aircraft, causing unnecessary drag and costs for the airlines.  During periods of sandstorms, airports experience delays due to the need for removing sand from the aircraft before take-off.  These problems can now be history.  With the MSG solution, aircraft can be flushed, and sand removed from body and engine, in just a few minutes.

Present at the opening was also Dr. Bernd Reichert, head of SME Unit in the Horizon 2020 program in EU (EASME).  With a budget of 80 billion EUR, Horizon 2020 is considered the world’s biggest innovation program.  In 2016 MSG Production received the highest score in its category, followed by Seal of Excellence and a grant of 2,5 million EUR.

  • MSG Production has produced a high class innovative solution.  There is a lot more technology behind this solution than you notice at first glance.  This solution will disrupt and revolutionize the aviation industry, says Dr. Bernd Reichert.