Citizens in Oslo, capital of Norway, give credit to the ecotourism and ethnic culture in Hainan — Hainan, a fascinating place at 18 degrees north


On the morning of September 13 (local time), citizens in Oslo, capital of Norway, felt the enthusiasm and charm of Hainan Island, China. The event, organized by the Publicity Department of CPC Hainan Provincial Committee, “Hainan Culture Enters Norway” was held in Oslo, during which 80 pictures, songs and dances reflecting the customs of Hainan ethnic groups, and Li Brocade performance were given rapturous applause by all the guests.

Along with the song To the End of the Earth, the event was opened. Mr. Sigmund Jaang, senior advisor of National Theater of Norway, extended warm welcome to cultural exchange mission from Hainan at the opening ceremony. He was more than willing to promote the corporation and exchanges between Hainan and Norway in such fields as culture, art and sports, and he also hoped that Hainan cultural exchange mission would send regards from Norwegians to Hainan.

Beautiful patterns were made by using natural dye and weft knife. When watching the Li Brocade performance, guests took pictures to record this amazing traditional folk art. Norwegians are especially interested in weaving. Particularly in northern Norway, woven socks, scarfs etc. are quite welcome.

Local Professor Erna tried on the Li Brocade clothes and said that wonderful singing and dancing as well as Li Brocade performance helped them understand that Hainan boasted both beautiful natural scenery and humanistic connotation worth discovering.

Leaves of rubber tree are very common in Hainan. All the guests were curious about and showed appreciation to the fact that performers blew the leaves of the rubber tree to play Chinese songs as An Auspicious Day. The sound played ofnose flute is pleasant and enchanting, and this instrument is quite refreshing. Mr. Sigmund has never been to Hainan, but he knew the scenery of Hainan rivals Hawaii. He looked forward to visiting Hainan someday.

The following attracted much attention of citizens in Oslo: outdoor activities shown in the picture exhibition such as biking in the paddy fields, cliff views of golf courses and canyon rafting in Wuzhishan Nature Reserve, as well as the rural scenery in Hainan tourism promotional film.

Youle, a young Norwegian man, is a fan of China. He said that many of his friends from Hainan recommended this beautiful place to him. Hainan, located at 18 degrees north, is rather attractive to him, and he looked forward to visiting Hainan in the near future.

Li Xiaoling, secretary general of Norwegian Chinese Association, said that Hainan has been making great efforts to develop and pilot free trade zones and free trade ports with Chinese characteristics. She expected to promote the exchanges and cooperation between Hainan and Norway in such fields as economy, trade, culture and education with the help of local Chinese.

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