Norway Leads in Ocean Mining


Norway has become the first country to initiate large-scale deep-sea mining in Arctic waters, sparking considerable discussion.

People who care about the environment and scientists have worries. They think this mining could hurt sea life and the variety of life in the sea.

They say we could get minerals from the ground or recycle them instead. This would not harm the sea.

Astrid Bergmål from Norway’s energy department supports this mining. She says it will be done carefully.

It will follow rules that protect the environment. Norway wants to cut pollution and meet its 2030 environmental goals. This mining is part of that plan.

Arctic Harvest: Norway Leads in Ocean Mining. (Photo Internet reproduction)

Peter Haugan, a sea scientist, thinks this is a bad move for Norway. He is worried about the sea creatures and different types of life in the sea.

He thinks this mining could be a big risk for them. This decision shows Norway’s tough spot. It wants to protect the environment and also grow its economy.

This mining could help get minerals for clean energy. But it could also harm the sea. Norway must find the right balance.

Other countries are watching Norway. They might use Norway’s methods in their own deep-sea mining. This includes places like the Cook Islands, China, and Japan.

They are starting their own mining in the sea. Deep-sea mining can find many important minerals. These include manganese, nickel, cobalt, and copper.

These are key for many industries. They are very important for producing clean energy. But protecting the environment is also key.

The world is watching how Norway deals with this challenge. What Norway does might pave the way for other countries.

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