Norway to Operate World’s First Ammonia Fuel Containership


A pioneering project in Norway is underway to develop the world’s first ammonia-fueled container ship. The ship is set to commence operations in 2026.

The ship will be constructed through a collaboration between Norway’s North Sea Container Line and ammonia producer Yara International, along with its subsidiary Yara Clean Energy. The Norwegian government is providing support for the project via its Enova investment fund.

While specific details about the ship’s size and dimensions have not been disclosed, it is designed for the route between Norway and Northern Europe, with a primary focus on service between Oslo and Brevik in Norway, and Hamburg and Bremerhaven in Germany.

The vessel will be operated by NCL Oslo, a joint venture formed by the partnering companies.

In their application to the Norwegian investment fund, Enova, the ship is described as powered by ammonia, equipped with a 250 kWh battery pack, and the option for shore power. The companies have projected that the ship will reduce CO2 emissions by 11,000 tonnes annually. The project secured $3.6 million in funding from Enova.

Yara Clean Ammonia will supply the ammonia for the Yara Eyde, and this ammonia is produced in an environmentally responsible manner, with minimal carbon emissions. Yara Clean Ammonia focuses on ammonia production sourced from renewable energy or with carbon capture and storage accounting for 95% of emissions. Yara Clean Ammonia is also collaborating with Azane Fuel Solutions to establish an ammonia storage and bunkering network in Norwegian and eventually Scandinavian ports.

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