99x launches ‘Celebrating impactful digital products’


Technology company 99x launched ‘Celebrating impactful digital products’ – a collection of stories recognising their clients’ passion, courage and experiences in building market-winning digital products. The book was presented to the Norwegian Ambassador. Trine Jøranli Eskedal by Mano Sekaram, Founder and CEO, 99x. The publication contains twelve stories featuring founders, entrepreneurs and product managers, and how they have kept their products relevant to their customer needs while conquering new markets.

Mano Sekaram (left) presents the ‘Celebrating impactful digital products’ book to the Norwegian Ambassador Trine Jøranli Eskedal

Mano Sekaram, introducing the book stated, “Personally, these are more than just stories but a chronicle of our relationships, which have sustained and grown over the years. We have built over 150 digital products during the past fifteen years with our clients. These examples will inspire you to see the reality of co-creating and innovating impactful digital products while drawing on global differentiators.”

“I would like to dedicate this book to the people of 99x, the Xians, both present and past, whose commitment to build impactful digital products forms the other half of the story. I must also thank our clients who willingly supported us in this publication. I can see the passion you have for your product, the bond you have with our teams, and the love you have for Sri Lanka on every page.”

Ambassador Eskedal commented, “Reading through each of your customer stories, I realize the depth and full extent of your relationships with Norwegian businesses through the years. I am impressed by the extent of collaboration possible despite physical barriers and how you have adapted culturally to make this work. I also see so many clients fondly recollect the warmth and hospitality visiting Sri Lanka.”

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