Patria wins contract for the Norwegian NH90 helicopters

Norwegian Defence Logistics Organisation (NDLO) has selected Patria to supply on-aircraft maintenance for the Norwegian NH90 helicopters. The scope of the contract covers phase and calendar inspections, associated repairs and maintenance for the Norwegian NH90 NFH Helicopters. The agreement is for two years with option for additional two years and its value is estimated to be up to 100 million NOK.

“This agreement is an important milestone for us in Norway to show Patria’s capability in supporting military programs with cost effective solutions in long-term. Our solid experience with the helicopter type from Finland and Sweden as well as the high number of experienced employees specialized in NH90 gives us a very good base to handle this contract”, says Dan Nordheim, Managing Director and Country Manager of Patria Helicopters in Norway.

Patria Helicopters’ location in Bardufoss, Norway is in close proximity of the customer’s operations. “With this arrangement we are able to build highly competent local capability to support the life of the Norwegian NH90 fleet. This will also provide us with a strong foundation to further develop and grow our operations in Bardufoss”, continues Nordheim.

”Six years ago, in March 2011, we decided to set our foot in the area of aviation support in Norway by acquiring a Bardufoss based aircraft maintenance company, NAC Maintenance – the current Patria Helicopters AS. Our vision was to become a key partner in supporting the Norwegian NH90 fleet which started to ramp up its operations at Air Wing 139. Now, almost exactly six years later we are able to witness this contract as a great milestone in fulfilling the vision. Now we have a chance to prove ourselves and give also the Norwegian customer confidence in all conditions and become their #1 partner for critical operations, as Patria’s mission statement and vision promise”, celebrates Lassi Matikainen, President of International Support Partnerships Business Area at Patria.

Patria Helicopters Norway has already served the Norwegian Air Force and civil customers over many years at Bardufoss by maintaining their training aircraft fleets. Patria is providing large scale of military and civil helicopter life-cycle support services also in Sweden and Finland. Patria is OEM-certified service center for Airbus, Bell and Leonardo helicopters. Patria has also the NH90 Nordic Service Center status from NHI and did the final assembly of 29 Finnish and Swedish NH90 helicopters related to the Nordic Standard Helicopter Procurement Programme.

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