Olga Afanasyeva – The creation of a universal cryptocurrency “cosmiccoin” will lead humanity to Harmony and Prosperity



Olga Afanaseva was born on November 7, 1975, a Russian businesswoman scientist, psychologist. The author of the «Symbol of the III Millennium» – the «Millennium Flame» («Flame of the Preservation of Human Civilization»), the author of the «Cosmic Women’s Message», the founder and head of the private space company SpaceZero (Russia), the legal successor of SpaceZ (Great Britain).

Education: Smolensk State University (with honors), Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia named after Patrice Lulumba (RUDN), Russian New University (RNU). Advisor to the President of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences (RAS). A psychologist of the highest category.

Her husband is the president of the international scientific community «Sofia Club» (an analogue of the «Club of Rome»).

Children: Alexandra (2008), Gleb (2013).

Olga Afanaseva was awarded the Mahatma Gandhi Prize (Peace and Well-being Prize) (analogous to the Nobel Peace Prize) at the 38th International Congress of Peace and Well-being (January, 2019, New Delhi, India)


Since 2000, he has been the initiator of international scientific and image programs supported by UNESCO and UN Secretary–General Kofi Annan.

     Olga Afanaseva at the UN Headquarters (New York, 2018)

In 2000, she was the organizer of the program under the auspices of the United Nations «Towards the Third Millennium». She participated in the marathon (America – Europe – Asia – Australia) of the «Flame for the Preservation of Human Civilization» (an analogue of the «Olympic Flame»). She covered a distance of more than 5 thousand km from Paris to Astana.

Olga Afanaseva is the organizer of the international network of «Leonardo Innovation Centers». The «Leonardo Centers» operate in the context of space research with elements of psychological quests and an interactive museum of a new generation.

Olga Afanaseva and the head of the Star City cosmonaut, Valery Tokarev with representatives of the world-famous space agencies NASA (USA) and JAXA (Japan) (2019, Star City, Russia)

Olga Afanaseva is the initiator of a new direction of the «SETI for All» program («SETI» has been a set of projects on the search for extraterrestrial civilizations since 1959).

On November 4, 2017, during a visit to the Director General of UNESCO, Ms. Irina Bokova, the delegation of the International Scientific Club «Sofia Club» (Bulgaria) presented its projects, including the «Women’s Cosmic Message», the scientific basis of which Olga proposed to develop jointly with The «Sofia Club» (Sofia is the Goddess of Wisdom in ancient philosophy).

In 2018, he was the official representative of the Russian public organization at the 62nd Women’s Session of the 72nd UN General Assembly (New York).

Astronaut Valery Tokarev and Olga Afanaseva near Albert Einstein’s house (Princeton, USA)


The Millennium Order of the International Union of Public Organizations «Perspective World» for contribution to the implementation of the program «Towards the XXI Century» under the auspices of the United Nations (Russia-France, 2003).

The Peace and Well-being Award is the NRI Award, as an analogue of the Nobel Peace Prize for contribution to the World Women’s Movement and a set of international programs in the field of Space development (India, 2018 – within the framework of the 38th World Peace Congress).

Order of BRICS for a report at the 62nd Women’s Session at the 72nd UN General Assembly (New York, 2018) on the development of new women’s initiatives and the creation of a «Women’s Cosmic Message» (USA – India, 2019).

Space Zero:

Space Zero operates in 42 areas of science and business.

The main priorities are the following: creative economy, innovative technologies (space, aviation, mechanical engineering, biology, neuroscience, etc.).

For the adaptation and convergence of projects, SpaceZero has nominated 100 billion “cosmiccoin”.

Among the global projects: “Mars 2030-2050”, “Robots make Robots”,

“AI Paradoxes”, “Medicine of the Future”, “Global Finance and Global Aggregate Debt (GTD)”, “Impact Business”.

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