Norwegian Parliament: Iran Regime, the Source of Terrorism and Exporting Islamic Fundamentalism


NCRI – A conference was held in Norway titled, “Islamic Fundamentalism: What is the solution?” in which Norwegian MPs from various parties, representatives of different embassies, including the Dutch Ambassador in Norway, and a number of Iranian Resistance supporters took part.

The speakers at this session, held by Hans Olav Syversen, Chairman of the Norwegian Parliament Finance Commission and Vice President of Norway’s Christian Democrat Party Parliamentary Group, were:

Ola Elvestuen, Chairman of the Norwegian Parliament Energy and Environment Commission, and Vice President of Norway’s Liberal Party Parliamentary Group;

Tom Siring, Fellow at the Oslo University Human Rights Center;

Former MEP Struan Stevenson;

Former Norwegian MP Lars Rise;

Hanan al-Balakhi, envoy of the Syrian National Coalition in Norway; and Parviz Khazaie, Representative of the National Council of Resistance of Iran in Nordic countries.

The subject of Islamic fundamentalism is one of the main and most important issues of today, and major threat for our world, Lars Rise said in his speech. He added the Iranian Resistance had for years warned about the threat of fundamentalism under the banner of Islam.

Struan Stevenson emphasized Iran’s role as the source of terrorism and exporting Islamic fundamentalism, adding they are the main problems and must be overthrown. The Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) must be designated as a terrorist organization.

They not only violate human rights in their own country, but Iran also exports terrorism to kill innocent people, including Shiites and Sunnis.

Western countries must recognize the Iranian Resistance and consider the IRGC a terrorist entity to uproot Islamic fundamentalism, Stevenson added.

Any regime without popular support seeks legitimacy through saber-rattling abroad to maintain its forces, Tom Siring said. Exporting terrorism is stated in Iran’s constitution, concluding crackdown and the export of terrorism are needed for the regime to remain in power, he added.

Only the Iranian opposition People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) is the solution to Islamic fundamentalism, and the leaders of this movement are women, Khazaie said. He also provided explanations about the National Council of Resistance of Iran’s objectives and agendas as the alternative to the Iranian regime, presented a report of the Iranian Resistance’s global activities, and the status of this Resistance on the international stage against the Iranian regime.

Iran is the epicenter of exporting terrorism and is a grave threat for Middle East security, Elvestuen said.

“As we are holding this conference, the Assad regime is bombing Syrian civilians with the help of the Iranian regime,” al-Bakhli said.


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