Head of anti-Islam group in Norway desecrates Quran


Head of an anti-Islam group in Norway desecrated Islam’s Holy Book. 

Anna Braten, head of the Stop Islamisation of Norway group, threw a copy of the Quran onto the ground during a demonstration held in the city of Drammen, east of Norway. 

The demonstration was held to call for a ban of Islam in the Scandinavian country, according to Anadolu Agency. 

Braten wanted to tear the copy of the Quran but police intervened and prevented her from doing it. 

In an address, she claimed that Islam has no place in Norway and that taking a stance against Islam and the Quran is necessary. 

There has been a growing trend of Islamophobia and desecration of Quran in European countries in recent months. 

Earlier this month, two mosques were attacked in Germany and pages of the Holy Quran copies were torn and scattered on the floor. 

Also in June, activists of a far-right group burned a copy of the Quran and unfurled a banner saying “Europe is ours” in the Danish capital to protest against the iftar (fast-breaking) gathering of Muslims. 

In March, Danish extreme right leader, Rasmus Paludan, burned a copy of the Holy Quran to protest the Friday prayer held in front of the Danish Parliament. 


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