Norwegian fish to Taiwan make cheap flight tickets


12524406_1061459330585687_8949020475280197571_nNorway is the world´s largest producer of farmed salmon. Tremendous amount of Norwegian salmon is flown daily to the markets in Asia, Middle East and US. The number of intercontinental flights from Norway is increasing to take part of the shipping of Norwegian fish. Today there are direct flights out of Europe from Oslo to New York, Moscow, Istanbul, Dubai, Doha and Bangkok.

Fresh salmon from Norway is sold every day all year in Taiwan.

The poster tells that the salmon uses four days on ice from Norwegian fjord to the store in Taiwan.

– Freight accounts for around 20 percent of revenues on a route to Norway, Terje Grue told Aftenposten. He is Norwegian chief of Emirates, one of the world’s fastest growing airlines, which has its headquarters in Dubai. – Dubai is a destination that seems incredibly attractive to Norwegians. In addition we have a large grid to Asia and Australia as many uses. And then lots of shipping. Because of Norwegian fish, routes are profitable. So the passenger tickets can be sold cheaper. The aircraft used to Norway is one of the largest. Started in September 2014, the route had in few months achieved a passenger occupancy of 80 percent. The plane can take 360 passengers. and usual brings tens of tons of freight, up to 50 tons. In Dubai this gets picked up by Cool Dollies – a kind of rolling refrigerator – to keep a stable cool temperature before the next departure, Grue explained.
Norwegian mackerel are sold at big stores as well as on the outdoor marked in Taiwan.
In Taiwan salmon becomes sushi, or here as a restaurant dish with bean curd.

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