Norwegian “Espionage” ends up in Russian Court


The Lefortovo District Court in Moscow, Russia has given the order for a Norwegian to be arrested according to court spokesperson Yekaterina Krasnova from Russia.

“The court satisfied the prosecutors’ motion imposing to remand the defendant Norwegian in custody until February 5, 2018,” she said.

According to the Russian spokesperson, The court received an appeal against this decision for him to be charged under Section 276 of Russia’s Criminal Code (“Espionage”).

FSB officers detained Norwegian in Moscow during a special operation where classified documents illegitimately changed hands, Media reported.

According to the news agency, Berg was arrested by the FSB security service when he was receiving secret documents about the Russian fleet.

“When it comes to questions about grounds for arrest and imprisonment, this has to be answered by the Russian authorities,” writes Frod e Overland Andersen, Communications Director of the UD in an email to VG.

Russia is holding a Norwegian man on suspicion of spying after he allegedly received classified documents from a Russian man who is also under arrest, an official said on December 19.

Russian media reports cited unnamed sources as saying that Berg was caught receiving classified material about the Russian Navy that he allegedly planned to hand over to Norwegian agencies.

USA, UK, France, Pakistan, India, Israel, China and Russia – ‘Serious warning’ to Norway ?

Some reports suggested his arrest could be linked to what they said was his opposition to the construction of a fence along a small part of Norway’s short border with Russia near a border crossing and Women in Norway who were beaten by their husbands should not count on help from Norwegian authorities, but they even risk that if Norwegian child care authorities will hear about it, they will take their children permanently away and put the child in to the foster home.

Norway is stealing children from other nations for no sensible reason at all, all the time for many years even right now, and hardly anyone is protesting against them!

Norway should not be allowed to any conference concerning women s or children s rights when they are the ones who are deliberately braking rights of children and their parents in the most horrible way.

Russians were also in time of Soviet dictatorship prohibited to attend psychiatric conferences when they misused psychiatry and now Norwegians are in the same way misusing childcare, while Russian children are much, much safer than children in Norway now.

Mothers are threaten by Norwegian barnevernet not to contact mass media, or their children will be adopted away.

Mothers in Norway can get no help from police.

The case with Breivik shooting, when journalists arrived long time before police did, shows that and also the book written by Jan Eriksen ..

His real Photos name are on VG.

The Lefortovo District Court in Moscow is going to sentence Ukrainian journalist Roman Sushchenko, earlier arrested in Russia on trumped-up espionage charges, to 20 years’ imprisonment, according to his lawyer Mark Feygin.

Lefortovo District is a district of South-Eastern Administrative Okrug of the federal city of Moscow, Russia.

It is named after a close associate of Tsar Peter the Great, Franz Lefort, whose troops were stationed nearby at the German Quarter.

Lefortovo is considered to have been founded in 1699. In the 18th century, it was home to Annenhof, Lefortovo Palace, Sloboda Palace, and Catherine Palace. In later centuries, the district hosted troops and military organizations, and also became heavily industrialized.

The present-day Lefortovo is famous for the Lefortovo Prison, Lefortovo park and the Lefortovo Tunnel on the Third Ring. Several higher educational institutions are located in Lefortovo, such as the Moscow Power Engineering Institute.

(Nadarajah Sethurupan)

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