Norwegian car rammed while trying to burn a copy of Quran

Norwegian car was rammed while he was trying to burn a copy of the Quran in Oslo.

A Pakistani woman tried to stop him burning the holy book Quran, reported local media.

Thorsen, along with his four associates, tried to burn a copy of the Quran in the Muslim-majority area of Oslo.

Norwegian leader Lars Thorsen car rammed. (Twitter/Sian)

Norwegian police said they arrested two people, including the driver of a car accused of deliberately ramming the SUV of Lars Thorsen, leader of the radical group “Stop the Islamization of Norway” (Sian), reported Arab News.

The five passengers in the SUV were slightly injured, with one requiring hospital treatment, police said.

A video posted on Facebook showed Thorsen and other activists first drive to Mortensrud, a suburb of Oslo with a large Muslim community, reported Arab News.

They tried to burn Quran which angered the crowd, including Mahjabeen who climbed into the grey Mercedes.

The whole episode was filmed by someone in a following car.

The incident came a week after a gunman killed two people and wounded 21 others in central Oslo. (ANI)