European leftists and Islam are enemies of freedom


A teacher’s throat was slit in France. Several more people were stabbed to death in the church. In both cases, the killers are “refugees”, young people from Chechnya and Tunisia. The Norwegian Security Service says the threat is growing in this country as well.

Just over a month ago, the government presented its “action plan against Islamophobia and discrimination against Muslims.” It does not even mention in a word that these features of Islam make integration difficult, and in some cases openly undermine the unity and security of the communities where Muslim immigrants settle. No reputable Norwegian media has asked Prime Minister Erna Solberg or Culture Minister Abid Raja about this. Although the plan is aimed at critics of Islam and outlaws them.

The meteoric rise of Islam in Europe and the endless evasion of Norwegian and other Western politicians have fueled anger and a sense of doom. Islam – even its political and reactionary forms – was allowed to take hold. In mosques and madrassas, Muslims are taught that they are victims of the infidels, from whom the Prophet Muhammad still suffered. Muhammad himself showed what will happen to those who mock Islam: they will die, their throats will be cut, as in the time of the prophet.

How did Europe and the West get to this point? How could we open our borders to people with an ideology that is historically hostile to all non-Muslims, an ideology that has, as political scientist Samuel Huntington put it, “bloody frontiers”?

While living in Mecca, the Prophet Muhammad considered himself a victim and therefore took his followers, the Mohammedans, to Medina. There they cultivated the role of the victim in every possible way, making it an excuse for their raids and revenge on the Mecca tribe. The Jews of Medina were also killed or driven away by the Mohammedans.

Seeking out victims and the oppressed has been a favorite activity of socialists since the days of Karl Marx. In the 19th century, the workers were oppressed – in theory, it was only necessary to awaken self-consciousness in them in order to prepare them for uprising and revolution. But this did not happen: the national feeling (nationalism) proved to be strong and resisted the class consciousness. But the left never gave up hope of destroying the unity of the Western nation-states and bringing its revolution to the end. Women on the left became victims of male oppression, and then gays and other sexual minorities appeared.

Seeking out new victims and instilling in them their new role, the left fueled opposition and tension in society. And conflicts legitimize both the increased power of the state and the authoritarian means of “resolving” them.

But the real disagreement only arose when the left found that some were more willing to try on the role of sacrifice necessary to turn groups against each other. Since the start of mass immigration in the 1970s, it is these groups that have poured into the West. All of them were strangers enough to feel “otherness”, but Muslims were most imbued with the left division of society into oppressors and victims. Muslims began to quarrel with their new masters back in the late 1980s. Mass demonstrations against the publication of Salman Rushdie’s “Satanic Poems” swept even across Norway.

Leftist ideologues have always harbored hatred of the West. And after the Second World War, they became even more convinced that the West is a unique evil. It was European racism that gave rise to nationalism and genocide, it was in Western history that hated slavery and colonialism flourished, and it was from the denial of Western history that a flattering, evolved image of “aliens” grew. Who is worse?

Muslims were also among the “outsiders”. Islam was painted in such rosy colors that we, society, did not even understand how hostile and destructive ideology we ourselves called. Islam is building its own community – “umma”. This religion instills a political and ideological community. Islam prevents integration, and Macron now had the courage to admit it.

The Left has taken over educational institutions, cultural institutions, schools, the media and the state bureaucracy, taking advantage of the culture of guilt inherited from Protestantism. When something goes wrong in a culture like ours, the first place you blame yourself. But in a culture of shame, the opposite is true.

People with a culture of shame are coming from the Middle East and Islamic countries. There, if someone does not succeed, it is customary to do the opposite – blame others. So when the culture of guilt (the West) meets the culture of shame (Islam), it is like a meeting between a masochist and a sadist.

Islam threatens us, and we, eternally repenting, repeatedly apologize for the provocation!

In response to the myriad problems of mass immigration, we are told that alienation is the cause of everything, and that the indigenous people are to blame, because they are vicious racists and oppressors. And, as the Norwegian government assures us, they “hate” Muslims.

When I talk about the left, I mean far more than just the Socialist Left Party or the Reds. The ideological influence of the left is entrenched in the Labor Party, among liberals, Christian Democrats, conservatives, centrists and even greens. And it took root thanks to schools and the media. This is propaganda and ideological pumping, which originates in Marxist thought and has since changed a number of labels (postmodernism). Now it is customary to call it “identity politics”.

Sadly, we will not be able to resist the vengeance with which Islam instills its role of victim until we understand the origins of our own political and cultural vulnerability. This is where our own ideology comes from. At least the ideology of the left, which legitimizes and even instills in Muslims the status of a victim. So we, the West, fell to our knees.

If we do not decisively start fighting our own incompetence, things can end very badly. But understanding Islam and other “others” is not enough for this. We need to understand ourselves, our roots and where exactly we entered this self-destructive and lifeless path.

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