Norway will help Ukraine reform education

Norway and Ukraine will share experiences and maintain contacts as part of the implementation of national education reforms.


The agreement was reached at a meeting of Ukrainian Education and Science Minister Lilia Hrynevych with Minister of Education and Integration of Norway Jan Tore Sanner in Oslo, the press service of the Education Ministry of Ukraine reported.

“Our school education reform has started this year – and it is a priority of the government and the state as a whole. I want to emphasize that, speaking about the secondary education in Ukraine, we mean about 3.9 million students, 441,000 teachers, more than 16,000 schools. This is a huge system, and it is also a challenge for us. The number of children in our school system is equivalent to 74% of the total population of Norway. The Education Ministry cannot do such transformations alone, and we, in particular, are grateful to the European Wergeland Centre (EWC), established by the Council of Europe and Norway, for supporting changes, as it has become our good partner in introducing democratic governance in our educational institutions and in developing civic competence,” the minister said.

The parties noted that the exchange of experience would help both countries find mechanisms and share educational practices.

The Ukrainian minister also suggested concluding a bilateral agreement or a memorandum on cooperation in the field of education and science between Ukraine and Norway, since today the cooperation is carried out without such a document and certain priorities.

As reported, Ukrainian Education and Science Minister Lilia Hrynevych was on a working visit to Norway. In particular, she actively participated in the European Wergeland Centre’s 10th Anniversary Conference held in Oslo, Norway, November 14 – 16.


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