Norway sends over 600 asylum seekers back to Russia


1406724592-3680-flag-norvegiiNorwegian migration police superintendent Tor Espen Haga reports that Norway returned about 600 asylum seekers arriving from Russia back to that country in November through December 2015, according to NRK. These are the people with permits for residence in Russia, he said, NRK wrote.”Those who don’t have Russian residence permits won’t be sent back. Norway will either consider their application for asylum or send to the countries which had refused them asylum before,” Haga said.
According to him, Norway returned 250 asylum seekers to Russia in December and 343 people during the second half of November. From 15 to 40 people are sent back to Russia every day.

“The Russians accept all those who have permits for residence in Russia before they go to Norway,” he said.

As UNIAN reported earlier, Norway’s justice minister earlier said that those who arrived from Russia to seek asylum in Norway would be sent back if they had documents allowing them to stay in Russia.

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