Norway implements key wireless network at sea

Leading Norwegian companies Kongsberg Seatex and Radionor have joined forces to develop Maritime Broadband Radio (MBR) system that will enable exchange of information crucial in limiting damage when accidents occur.
MBR, in contrast to previous systems, is highly stable and with extensive reach. Among other capabilities, it enables streaming of HD-video, said a statement from Kongsberg Seatex.
The system does not require an Internet connection to connect units in the network, though it is possible to transfer data from the network using Internet, it stated.
Kongsberg Seatex said Norway was the first nation in the world to implement maritime broadband communication on ships and planes in public service.
On board ships and aircraft
The Coastal Administration and NOFO (Norwegian Clean Seas Association for Operating Companies) are the first in the world to  deploy the Norwegian-developed and produced innovation, stated the company.
The Coastal Administration will install MBR on all its oil recovery vessels, and on 10 additional vessels with oil recovery equipment on board. NOFO will do the same with all its oil recovery vessels, it added.
Kongsberg Seatex pointed out that MBR has already been installed on the surveillance aircraft LN-KYV, a joint initiative between the Coastal Administration, NOFO and the Norwegian Coast Guard.
In the event of a critical oil spill, MBR will enable significantly faster and higher quality exchange of information between the various units engaged in a response effort. Images, maps and video can be transferred instantaneously, and response can be initiated based on a shared, real-time awareness of the situation, said Kjetil Aasebø, senior advisor in the coastal administration.
“This is a significant improvement that allows us to communicate with all units participating in an oil recovery mission, and share the data without an Internet connection. MBR allows us to respond faster with the right actions,” he added.-

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