Norway has a habit of stealing foreign children


Women in Norway who were beaten by their husbands should not count on help from authorities, but they even risk that if Norwegian child care authorities will hear about it, they will take their children permanently away and put the child in to the foster home

This is what Alexandra Hasselström has experienced, that Norwegian child care found out she was beaten before, by her husband and they took away her children to different foster homes because of that (even though she is remarried with another man, they refuse to give her her children back).

This is a total lack of human feelings and even the fact that all normal psychologists agree how bad it is to split brothers and sisters to different foster homes, shows how arrogant Norwegian authorities are.

This also happened to children of Czech mother Eva Michaláková and to many other children too – perhaps to hinder siblings from remembering their mother language.

What is also strange is that Alexandra (and many other women from whom Norway has stolen children is a foreigner (Swedish).


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