Indian embassy organizes yoga event in Oslo


Nearly a Two hundred yoga mats were spread out at Norges Idrettshøgskole (Norwegian School of Sport Sciences), Oslo on June 23 morning.

Citizens from all walks of life had gathered to celebrate the International Day of Yoga at an event organized by the Indian embassy with support of Yoga institutes/studios based in Norway.

This ancient art of meditation which was once only practiced by Hindu monks has now become part of the global pop culture.

The U.N. marked June 21 as a day to celebrate this form of meditation in 2015 following a proposal by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

“It [the motion] was co-sponsored by 177 countries, including Norway,” Indian Ambassador to Norway Krishan Kumar told a cheering audience.

In a pre-recorded message by Modi played at the event, the Indian premier called for a mass movement to spread yoga.

Among the participants were Journalist, Norwegian local Politicians, and many non government organisation officials also event conducted by four experienced Yoga teachers namely Ms. Jenny Vagane, Mr. Massimo Barberi, Ms Kamaldeep Banga and Ms Maria Fürst.

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