Children celebrate the Peace Prize laureates


logo-save-the-childrenSave the Children’s Peace Prize Party is a show made by children and for children. 12 twelve year olds are hosting the party, and they will both meet and salute the Peace Prize laureates, and interview them on stage. It is set for a personal meeting between Norwegian children and the four Tunisian organizations inside the Nobel Peace Center.The  12 children in the children’s committee have worked hard trying to understand what this year’s Nobel Peace Prize really means. They have studied the history and development of Tunisia, and looked at what separates Tunisia from other countries involved in the Arab Spring. The children wants to get the Tunisian organizations to talk about what they have achieved in a way that everybody can understand. 200 invited children from different schools in Oslo will constitute the audience.

Save the Children’s Peace Prize Party has been a part of the official program for the Nobel Peace Prize since 1997. The children’s committee is involved in planning, arranging and hosting the event. It will be a show with music, speeches and interviews, all planned and done by the children. With the strong involvement of children in the process of arranging the Save the Children Peace Prize Party, the children get the opportunity to work with peace, focusing on solidarity with children in other countries and to ensure that children’s voices are heard.

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