Air India flight makes emergency landing in Norway


An Air India Boeing 777-300ER flying from Bombay to New York made an emergency landing at Bodo, Norway airport here after a sick passenger requested medical emergencies mid-air.

“The Bombay – New York flight of Air India made a landing at Bodo airport at around 05:30 AM due to a medical emergency.

The passenger travelling was rushed to a private hospital, Bodø airport director said.

Bodø Airport is a civil airport in Bodø, Norway. Located just south of the city centre, on the westernmost tip of the Bodø-peninsula, it shares facilities with the military air force base Bodø Main Air Station.

The airport has a single concrete, 2,794 by 45 metres (9,167 by 148 ft) runway which runs in a roughly east-west direction.

In addition to jet operations to major domestic destinations, the airport serves as a hub for regional airline flights to Helgeland, Lofoten and Vesterålen.


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  1. Hello All,
    We are the family members of that couple. Can some one from Indian community help them. They are a elderly couple and the biggest challenge for them is the language.


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