Position of NCRI rep in Nordic countries on trip by Iranian regime’s FM to Norway


perviz-khazai-400NCRI – Commenting on the trip by the Iranian regime’s Foreign Minister to Norway, Amb. Perviz Khazai, the representative of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) in Nordic countries, on Monday said:

“The trip by the Iranian regime’s foreign minister Javad Zarif to Norway takes place amid an unparalleled wave of executions in Iran. Close to 130 people have been hanged in Iran in the past two months alone.

During the period that Zarif has been the foreign minister of the religious fascism ruling Iran at least 2400 have been hanged. The UN Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in Iran, in his latest report, expressed concern about the high number of executions, torture, extracting confessions under torture, depriving prisoners of lawyers, discrimination against women, execution of juveniles, pressures on religious minorities, increasing suppression of free speech, and prohibition on any political activity in Iran. He wrote that around one thousand people have been executed in Iran in 2015 which is the highest number in the past 10 years. According to this report, “At least 73 juvenile offenders were reportedly executed between 2005 and 2015, and the number of juvenile offenders reportedly executed in 2014-15 was actually higher than at any time during the past five years.”

Zarif is the representative of a regime that has immersed the region in war and crisis through warmongering, export of terrorism, and extremism. On May 13, he described Mostafa Badreddin, a senior commander of the terrorist group Hezbollah, as “a great and tireless man” and “full of love and emotion and epic in defense of the just ideals of Islam” although Badreddin had been indicted by the U.N.-backed Special Tribunal for Lebanon for his participation in the assassination of Rafiq Hariri, former Prime Minister of Lebanon. In January 2014, Zarif paid his respects to Imad Mughniyah, former commander of Hezbollah, by placing a wreath on his grave.

Zarif ought to face justice for crimes against humanity and war crimes as a senior representative of the most brutal dictatorship after the Second World War for three decades. Three years after Rouhani’s presidency, it is once again proven that moderation by the clerical regime is only a mirage and the empty propaganda about moderation of factions within this regime is solely meant to justify trade with this regime.

The only outcome of establishing relations and conducting trade with this regime and receiving its leaders is to embolden it to intensify its suppression and export of terrorism. Relations with the Iranian regime should be made contingent on a halt to executions and an end to export of terrorism and warmongering. This is the demand of the Iranian people and an imperative for peace and to fight terrorism in the region and the world.

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