Plots of the Mullahs’ Intelligence Ministry and Embassy in Norway


Statement of the Representative Office of the National Council of Resistance of Iran in Norway

The clerical regime’s terrorist plot in Europe in 2018, organized by the diplomats and embassies of the religious fascism ruling Iran, has made a review in relations with this regime ever more necessary. In 2018, the regime’s terrorist plots spanned over Albania, France, Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway and Denmark. In the same year a terrorist-diplomat of the regime was arrested in Germany and handed over to Belgian judiciary, the regime’s ambassador and the head of Iran’s Intelligence station in Albania, and three other diplomat-terrorist of this regime were expelled from France and the Netherlands.

Developments in 2018 showed that the clerical regime and its ambassadors and diplomats in Norway, severely abuse the embassy and facilities to advance their terrorist and spying purposes. That includes imposing two agents by the names of Bahareh Heydari and Mohammad Davoodzadeh as refugees, entrapping the Minister of Fisheries of Norway through the same female agent and bringing him to Iran and getting his information through his mobile phone. The representative of the National Council of Resistance of Iran in this regard calls for the opening of a judicial case in Norway.

The NCRI representative also stresses the need and urgency of listing the mullahs’ Ministry of Intelligence (MOIS) as terrorist entity, and the prosecution and sentencing of agents and mercenaries of the religious fascism and expelling them from Norway and other European countries and in particular the revocation of their refugee status. The agents and mercenaries of the mullahs’ religious fascism in Norway and those who, under any pretext, directly or indirectly, interact with the Iranian regime and co-operate in some ways with it and at the same time use refugee or asylum seeker status, are not entitled to asylum. They are criminals who undermine the security of real asylum seekers and Iranian dissidents, undermine the dignity and the right to asylum for freedom loving and noble Iranians, and also threaten the security of the host Per Sandberg country and its citizens. The following facts are remarkable:

1. Bahareh Heydari, wo was sent to Norway in 2006, has pursued a specific mission for many years. She, who has close ties with the ambassador, the embassy and regime officials, after having acquired a Norwegian citizenship, entrapped Norway’s Fisheries Minister, Per Sandberg. To this end, she established a fisheries trade company and a Norwegian-Iranian Friendship Association. According to the Norwegian press, the first meeting of this association was held at the office of the Minister of Fisheries. Bahareh Heydari accompanied Sandberg at a party of the regime’s ambassador in Oslo for Nowruz 1397 and then visited Iran at least twice. This ultimately led to the resignation of Sandberg from the government and his expulsion from his party. Trapping through women is a well-known method of the mullahs’ Intelligence that it has used repeatedly.

2. According to Aftenposten on December 21, the Norwegian Committee for “investigation into quarantine of government authorities,” condemned the meeting of Norwegian Fisheries Minister accompanied by Baharegh Heydari with an advisor to Rouhani at presidential palace of the mullahs in Tehran and promises of cooperation with the regime at this meeting as a clear violation of the laws of Norway and abuse of official authority.

3- At the Nowruz celebration of 1397 of the embassy, in addition to Bahareh Heydari and Per Sandberg, another intelligence agent, Mohammad Davoodzadeh, is also present in the front row and close to the regime’s ambassador. Davoodzadeh was arrested upon his return from Iran on October 21 at the Gothenberg airport in Sweden at the request of the Danish government on suspicion of involvement in terrorist plots against Iranian dissidents. He was sent to Norway in 2008 to pose as a refugee and obtain Norwegian citizenship, which provided him with a lot of facilities for performing the duties assigned by the Ministry of Intelligence. He traveled frequently to Iran despite having refugee status. This is a betrayal of all refugees and based on the Geneva Convention and the laws of Norway completely revokes his refugee status.

Davoodzadeh was tasked to get close to the PMOI and NCRI in Norway, but further research highlighted the suspicion of being a mercenary; the issue was communicated with Norwegian officials to prevent future terrorist plots and espionage.

4. As the scandal about relations with the religious fascism ruling Iran spread, Bahareh Heydari, along with Per Sandberg, try desperately to cover up this scandal by attacking the PMOI and the NCRI. In a book that the two published entitled “Foreign powers have entered,” they shamelessly claimed “Bahareh says she is neither affiliated with nor connected to the Iranian regime, and suspicions against her, indicating that she is a spy or secret agent, is only ludicrous.” On page 211 of the book, Per Sandberg ridiculously made himself loved by the mullahs and without providing any date or time or document, claimed that the tone of the representative of the National Council of Resistance of Iran, with “Bahareh was humiliating and ugly.” As if the representative of the Iranian Resistance has to praise the agents and collaborators of religious Gestapo!

5. The female agent, in order to hike her price for the mullahs, while claiming that she has no relationship or affiliation to the mullahs’ regime, in an interview with the Norwegian media says, “we want to go to Iran, but I’m worried that the PMOI will target me inside Iran.” Female agent shamelessly adds, “I have notified Iranian government officials about this and they assured me that during my visit to Iran they would protect me!!” (Aftenposten, August 27, and Adresseavisen, August 25, 2018).

6. The female agent, in a dirty scenario and lie claims, “Both on Facebook and Instagram has been threatened to be killed. His brother in Germany received a phone call from an active member of the PMOI in Norway that if he does not make her sister choke, they will not be silenced. He warned her (i.e. Bahareh) not to go out.” This criminal defamation is a ground for terrorism and further crimes by the mullahs against the Iranian Resistance and was categorically denied at the time from the NCRI Representative in the Aftenposten newspaper. (August 27, 2018)

7. The embassy of a regime that has executed thousands of PMOI heroine women and every day arrests scores of women for malveiling or being unveiled, and fines them and whips them, a regime that even forces foreign female officials to wear hijabs in teir trips to Iran, has accepted the cost of Bahareh Heydari’s clothing to participate in “Miss Iran!” contest in Europe! The same regime inside Iran throws acid on the faces of malweiled women who do not fully cover their hair, while none of them have the slightest resemblance in clothing to this “Miss Norway!” in the Norwegian “Se og Hør” magazine. (7 to 14 August 2018). To the confession of the female agent in the same magazine, the ambassador and embassy of the very same regime in Norway congratulated her on her victory in “Miss Norway” contest, and appreciated and welcomed her!

8. Vulgarity peaks when the female agent and Per Sandberg resort to another exposed agent, Trond Ali Lynstad, to slander foul against the PMOI. He became Shiite with the mullahs ruling Iran and repeats their slanders against the Iranian resistance; Repeated despicable charges such as torturing disenfranchised members, sect, the cult of personality, people’s hatred towards the PMOI and NCRI, treason, participation in the suppression of Iraqi Kurds and Shiites (pages 210 to 214 Same book).

Lynstad, the only Norwegian, who defends the two men in the service of the religious Gestapo, was for many years a member of the NKP party, a Norwegian version of the hated and traitor party of Tudeh, and a fierce “communist”. He, like Kianouri and Tabari – Tudeh Party leaders –became Muslim and Shiite overnight and declared Khomeini as his leader, changing his name to Trond Ali.

9. The invalidity of the lies that the religious Gestapo relays through the female agent and Per Sandberg that have been repeated thousands of times in the mullahs regime media in Iran, has been proven in dozens of courts in the US and Europe. According to the verdicts of the same courts, the United States and the European Union and the United Kingdom abolished the terrorist label against the PMOI and the National Council of Resistance of Iran. The Norwegian government announced from the onset that it did not accept the EU terrorist list and only accepts UN terrorist list.

10. Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, President-elect of the National Council of Resistance for the transition of governance to the Iranian people, in one of her travels to Norway in December 2009, met with Gunnar Sønsteby, the national hero of the Norwegian resistance against Hitler’s fascism, which was reported in Aftenposten December 6, 2009. When the reporter of Aftenposten asked the national champion of Norway about charges of terrorism and demonization against the Iranian Resistance, the Great Gunnar, pointing to Mrs. Rajavi said: “All resistances – that are fighting against dictatorships and for democracy – are poised to these accusations. Don’t listen to these things – we and the resistance movement and the Norwegian Milorg were also terrorists and anarchists and aggressors and torturers and so on!”

11. In December 2018 the Norwegian media wrote that the book has not sold more than fifty copies and the rest has remained unsold. The notorious authors of this book, angered by the credibility of the Iranian Resistance in Norway wrote:

– “Parviz Khazaei is known in Norway and by Norwegian media as a trusted source and expert, and political authorities and the parliament and even the Progressive party attach him to their chest and worship him like God.”

– “Neither Khazaei, nor other members of the National Council of Resistance of Iran, are willing to distance themselves from past actions of this group, be it the killing of civilians or being a close ally of Saddam Hussein in the fight against Iraqi Kurds and Shiite Muslims. Khazaei says: ‘We have carried out a legitimate war.’ (pages 213 and 214 of the same book). “

12. The National Council of Resistance of Iran and all its members are proud of having a history and record full of patriotism and freedom loving, and their actions not only were in line with freedom and popular sovereignty in Iran but also with peace in the region and the world, and preventing the spread of fundamentalism and terrorism and the formation of an “Islamic empire” and obtaining of atomic bombs by the religious fascism ruling Iran. In May 2011, a French judge announced in his decision that based on the French laws, the PMOI operations inside Iran were resistance operations and in Ashraf and Iraq has been the performance of a regular army, none of which is considered terrorism. As such, the case that the French government had opened against the Iranian resistance at the request of the Iranian regime in 2001with spending tens of millions of Euros under the pretext of terrorism, was closed forever.

13. Another patriotic pride of the Iranian Resistance is the exposing the regime’s nuclear sites and projects that have been acknowledged times and again by Western officials and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). When the NCRI at a press conference in Washington, DC, in 2002 disclosed sites in Arak and Natanz, no one in the world was aware of the efforts of the regime to obtain nuclear weapons, and the Iranian Resistance defused the project to obtain nuclear bomb by the religious fascism. Rouhani in his book titled “National Security and the nuclear diplomacy” wrote the IAEA had promised that by 2003, about 54 thousand centrifuges would work but the press conference of the PMOI and false accusations stalled everything.

14 – The mullahs’ foreign agents and enablers forget that Khomeini’s thesis was the Islamic version of the so-called “Mine Camp” of Hitler and explicitly called for a “global caliphate of Islam”. This idea has been named in the Introduction of the constitution of the regime as “The Union of Islamic Republics”. Iraq, with its 1,200 km border with Iran and the majority of the Shiite population was the first loop. The goal was shattered by the NCRI peace plan and the National Liberation Army (like Milorg of Norway) and forced Khomeini to drink the chalice of ceasefire and to end the eight-year war with deceptive slogans of conquest of Jerusalem via Karbala.

15 – The NCRI peace plan that was adopted in March 1983 had the support of 6,000 political leaders, government officials and parliamentarians, especially in the US and Europe, and was published as a book at that time. The NCRI peace plan fully secured Iran’s national interests, and put the 1975 Algiers accord, which the Iraqi government at the beginning of the war had declared null and void, as the basis for peace, and put getting compensation also on the agenda. At that time, many Arab countries announced they were ready to contribute to Iran’s compensation payments. But Khomeini and his anti-national policy of “war, war until victory” led to the point where today, 37 years after the Council’s peace plan, while it is 16 years that the puppets of the clerical regime rule in Iraq, the Iranian regime has failed to sign a peace deal with this government.
The NCRI representative points out once again that the demonization campaign of the clerical regime in Norway against the PMOI is part of the espionage and terrorism plans of the mullahs in Europe. The machine of disseminating fake news and demonization by this regime, using the “friendly journalists” of the Ministry of Intelligence, and thousands of fake Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google and other social media accounts and internet facilities, provides the grounds for espionage and terrorism plots.

The intelligence, terrorist and spy agents of religious fascism should not be allowed to commit further crimes. The time has come to expose and publish the names of the mercenaries and the affiliates of the regime and the trial and expulsion of them.

Representative of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
Oslo – January 6, 2019

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