Norwegian children seek asylum in Malaysia


Norwegian woman with 2 children seek humanitarian asylum in Malaysia because the Norwegian child protection system Barnevernet wants to kidnap her children.

Every year in Norway government takes around 1500-1800 children by force from their parents without serious reason and give them to people who need an extra salary and give to families who can’t make children and in the same time they get jackpot (children and salary ).

The worst thing is that many children ends up with pedophiles foster parents and gets sexual abused and rape like they show on the news several times.

In 2016 people protested on 40 continents against Norway because they kidnapped children from many family.

This year Norway still have 6 cases left at European human rights court in Strasburg to answer for the crimes and kidnapping they committed against humanity.

Last year Norwegian family fled Norway and received humanity asylum because Norwegian child protection system Barnevernet wants to take their children even after the family won in court against Norwegian child protection system.

Human rights in Norway is just an illusion ?

(Mr.VNSL from Malaysia)

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