Norwegian government files $39million claim


Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 11.38.21The Norwegian government has filed a $39million compensation claim against seismic specialist TGS.

The claim alleges the Norwegian firm helped Skeie Energy in obtaining undue tax advantages Petroleum Tax Act.

The lost taxes relate to when TGS sold Skeie Energy seismic data in 2009.

However, TGS deny the allegations.

A company spokesperson said: “TGS denies any wrongdoing and maintains its position that it is not liable for the claims.

“TGS views the sale of seismic data to Skeie Energy as a legitimate transaction between two independent companies, involving a sale of high quality seismic data at market prices. TGS was also advised by third party legal and financial experts in relation to the transaction. TGS received no tax benefits from the sale of the seismic data.”

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