Norway imprisons ISIS members returning home

Chechen, Pakistani-Origin ISIS-Linked Terrorists Jailed in Norway
Chechen, Pakistani-Origin ISIS-Linked Terrorists Jailed in Norway

An Oslo court on Wednesday jailed two jihadists of Pakistani and Chechen origin for six and seven and a half years respectively for joining the so-called ISIS in Syria.

Adam Idrisovich Magomadov, a 23-year-old Russian of Chechen origin, and Hasan Ahmed, a 46-year-old Norwegian of Pakistani origin, were convicted of belonging to IS and of “terror conspiracy.”

The two men, who had been living in southeastern Norway, traveled together to Syria in August 2014, a little more than a month after the ISIS declared a caliphate in an area straddling Iraq and Syria.

While there, the two took part in ISIS training programs, vowed allegiance to the group, and bore weapons in its name, the court found.

Magomadov was handed a heavier sentence because he stayed in Syria longer.

The court found it likely that he had taken part in combat, that he had maintained ties with IS after returning to Norway, and that he, like his co-accused, planned to return to Syria.

Ahmed, whose son Ishaq was also sentenced to eight years in prison in Norway last year for joining ISIS, will appeal the conviction, while Magomadov had not yet decided, their lawyers told public broadcaster NRK.

Their sentences were in line with those requested by the prosecution.

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