Norwegian PM on holiday in Sri Lanka


vwg151215-014-nyttaarstalenNorwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg accompanied with a delegation of seven arrived in Sri Lanka a short while ago on vacation.

Sri Lanka and Norway have enjoyed a longstanding relationship for more than 60 years.

Sri Lanka has recently demonstrated its commitment to democratic transition and is welcoming international investments, which could further strengthen the economy.

The Norwegian Prime Minister recently welcomed the progress in Sri Lanka in reconciliation, strengthening democracy, good governance and economic development policy.

Sri Lanka is now a middle-income country and this gives the opportunity to look for more business cooperation between two countries. Both Sri Lanka and Norway are countries with a long cost line and hence the potential for sharing ideas and business opportunities.

Norway has a Constitution, which was adopted on 17 May 1814. As of 2016, the Prime Minister of Norway is Erna Solberg, of the Conservative Party.

Unlike their counterparts in the rest of Europe, Norwegian Prime Ministers do not have the option of advising the King to dissolve the Storting and call a snap election.

Prime Minister Erna Solberg finally took some summer holiday this week and last, and it turned out be sad. After what Solberg herself called “five painful months of illness,” her mother Inger-Wenche Solberg died Monday at the age of 90.



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