Norway hydrogen infrastructure set to grow by 2020 following Uno-X and Praxair deal


1020629_Uno-X-hydrogen-station-croppedThe hydrogen (H2) fuelling infrastructure continues to grow in Norway after Uno-X Hydrogen AS and a Norwegian affiliate of Praxair signed a strategic alliance to install a further 20 stations throughout the Scandinavian country.

Uno-X and the affiliate, which gasworld believes to be Yara Praxair Holding AS, aim to install the new stations in the main cities of Norway, including Oslo and Bergen along with other corresponding linking locations. The 20 stations will be rolled out by 2020.

Under the agreement, Praxair’s affiliate will hold 20% of Uno-X Hydrogen, with fellow joint venture companies Uno-X Gruppen and NEL ASA holding the other 41% and 39%, respectively.

Jon André Løkke, CEO of NEL, highlighted, “We are proud to announce Praxair as a member of our strategic alliance and investor for the development of a nationwide H2 station network in Norway. Praxair is a global H2 supplier and we see the Norwegian rollout as a global showcase for the future development of H2 networks in other key countries, like the US, Germany and Japan.”

Yara Praxair Holding AS was primarily and partly acquired by the US-based industrial gas corporation back in 2007, but Praxair announced intent to buy the last-remaining 34% stake in the Yara Praxair Holding AS joint venture for €300m ($338m) in September 2015.

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