New information concerning Arjen Kamphuis


The latest certain observation of Arjen Kamphuis was the 20th of August, as he checked out from a hotel in Bodø. He was on his vacation at the time, traveling in Norway. Now the Police has got certified information about his telephones, which are registrated in Stavanger the 30th of August. This is according to telecommunication data. One can not be sure that the phones were operated by Kamphuis, but this is one of several theories that is being investigated.

The police has recieved a lot of information from people the last few days, both observations and other types of information. One of the leads we are following is a possible observation of the missing person in Denmark. Everything is being checked and registered into the Police investigation. The case is open for different outcomes, but still we have not found anything that indicates that a crime has been commited.

According to his friends, Kamphuis often wear black- or camouflage colored clothes. On the latest certain observation of Arjen Kamphuis , the 20th of August, he was wearing khaki colored hiking clothes.

The Police ask that all who might have information about the missing Dutchman contact 02800

All information is concidered valuable.


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