ISIS- jihadi bride in Norway and held ‘chilling fantasies’ about killing The Queen, David Cameron


A delivery driver who fantasised about killing the Queen, David Cameron, Tottenham Hotspur fans and Jews has been jailed for eight years for trying to join Islamic State.

Aweys Shikhey, 38, a Dutch national originally from Somalia, spoke of shooting Jews in Stamford Hill, north London and football supporters with an AK47 as they left Tottenham’s White Hart Lane stadium.

He also discussed killing then Prime Minister David Cameron and ‘that old woman Elizabeth’.

Shikhey, who lived in Woodside Gardens, Tottenham, north London, denied preparing for acts of terrorism but was convicted by the jury.

He had secured a £10,000 loan from Barclays Bank by pretending it was for a wedding and had borrowed more money from his boss after telling him he needed it to visit his two wives and children in Holland and Kenya.

But the delivery driver was actually sending the money to an online girlfriend in Norway so they could run away together to Syria. 

His wife and child in Kenya and second wife and five children in the Netherlands, knew nothing about his plans.

In the months leading up to his arrest, Shikhey had been messaging “RH”, a Somalian living in Norway who awaits trial for terror offences.

Shikhey admitted planning to marry Hussein and live in a country under Sharia law, but insisted he had ‘no interest’ in fighting for Islamic State.

But prosecutor Barnaby Jameson described Shikhey as ‘a terrorist hiding in plain sight’ who was ‘a secret and indeed eager supporter of Islamic State’.

As he left for Stansted airport, Shikhey sent a voicemail to new girlfriend Hussein, telling her: ‘You know that I love you, do not be upset because at the airport the enemy of god are waiting for us.’

The judge, Martin Edmunds QC, said his encrypted online conversations discussing attacks in Britain were ‘chilling, dangerous and testament to your increasing radicalisation.’

He added: ‘Given the scope of your ambition, including your fantasies about the commission of very grave terrorist acts in the UK and your hatred for those who do not share your views, I have no hesitation in finding you dangerous.’

The judge said Shikhey had developed an ‘increasingly intense’ relationship with Hussein in Norway, and she was ‘as committed to terrorist acts as you were’.

Police arrested Shikhey as he prepared to board a flight at Stansted Airport on May 24 last year and found he had posed for a selfie in order to blend in with fellow passengers.

The judge said: ‘You can have had no illusions about the nature of the fighters whose ranks you aspired to join, no illusions about their murderous behaviour, their atrocities.

‘But for your detention at Stansted you could have been within the heart of the area then controlled by co-called Islamic State within a few days.’

Shikhey had been using encrypted messages from May 31, 2016 to speak with Somalian Abdirahman Idrissa Hassan, who has been detained in Kenya for terror offences.

In one conversation, Hassan told Shikhey: ‘May God bestow you in killing David Cameron and the old woman Elizabeth.’

‘God willing,’ replied Shikhey.

After talking about acquiring guns and bullets, Shikhey and Hassan exchanged messages about shooting Jewish people and Spurs fans.

Shikhey commented: ‘It is good to shoot them live’.

After he arrived in Britain in 2013, Shikhey worked at the Tops internet cafe on Tottenham High Road in North London and then as a delivery driver for DPD.

The firm considered him ‘reliable and hardworking’, according to prosecutor Mr Jameson.

He said: ‘There was nothing that suggested he was anything other than quiet, hard-working and religiously observant.

‘There was, however, an extremist agenda going on behind the scenes of which only a few were aware.

‘The face the defendant presented to the world was different to his real face, he was a terrorist hiding in plain sight.

‘The defendant was a secret supporter of Islamic State, so eager, he was willing to leave his life, job and relatives behind to join the Islamic State as a front-line combatant.’

Shikhey was found guilty of preparing acts of terrorism by applying for a loan, purchasing a one way ticket to Istanbul and going to London Stansted in order to travel abroad to engage in violent jihad.

Evidence from girlfriend Hussein’s phone suggested she was in contact with Islamic State fighters and sympathisers, and she was ‘anxious to marry an Islamic State fighter, whether the defendant or another jihadist’, the court heard.

She also had bomb-making instructions including a step-by-step guide on how to make explosives in a kitchen sink.

Shikhey had been using WhatsApp and Threema encrypted messaging services to communicate with Hassan, who was arrested in Kenya for terrorist offences in September 2016.

He and Hassan discussed killing Jewish people in Stamford Hill, known for its Chasidic Jewish community.

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