Ex-Norwegian priest lavishes $1.9m charity loot on whores

religen_001A FORMER Norwegian priest has admitted embezzling about 15 million kroner (1.9 million dollars) from a welfare foundation to spend on lavish parties with prostitutes in Spain. “It was totally out of control, the size of the sum shows that,’’ Are Blomhoff told the District Court in Drammen, south-eastern Norway. Blomhoff said that there was nothing left of the money he embezzled over a seven-year period when asked by the judge.
The embezzlement came to light in 2013, when Blomhoff was the head of Stiftelsen Betanien foundation, and was able to transfer funds to a fake account he created.
Report also says that he appeared to be linked to a nursing home the foundation runs in Spain.

According to the investigation, the foundation employs over 500 people and also runs a hospital, a daycare centre and a nursing school in Bergen, western Norway.

“This is the toughest day of my life to admit to something that was so removed from me, yet part of me,’’ he said in court.

Report says he also confessed that he had a drinking problem, but took full blame for his actions and apologized to his former employer and family.

The funds were mainly used for large parties where female prostitutes were paid to attend and then offered their services to male guests.

The women received between 1,300 and 1,700 dollars per party.

However, no date has been announced for sentencing.