EU to Maintain Border Checks in Five Countries


The European Commission considered that the extraordinary circumstances for limiting the Schengen Agreement of free movement in those countries still persist, because Greece, where are nearly 66.400 migrants, presents deficiencies in its border security.

The approval covers specific controls on the Austrian-Hungarian and Austrian-Slovenian borders, as well as on the German-Austrian and Danish-German borders, ports included.

Greece and Slovenia voted against this EU decision. Both countries are affected by this provision, and argued that the restriction of movement at the borders only exacerbates the migration-related problems in their territories.Tomas Bocek, spokesman of the Council of Europe, said last Wednesday that although irregular migration has decreased, undocumented immigrants continue arriving and this fact has aroused concerns about a possible worsening of the situation.

Bocek referred to measures for alleviating the migration crisis that affects Europe, in particular, he mentioned the mechanism for the relocation in EU member countries of 160,000 refugees within two years.

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