Dalype Art Gallery has shown Tore Hauge´s photos from Taiwan


Photo from Ximending, Taipei, by Tore Hauge.

Dalype is an art gallery located since 1995 in an imitation timbered building built in 1990 on the preserved Omholt farm in Sagene in Oslo. Several other houses here are original half-timbered houses from the 1700s and 1800s.
The name of the gallery is composed of the letters of dentist Per Lyder Dahle who in 1989 originally founded Dalype Gallery. Visual artist Dag Vatle who run his own painting school next door since 1997, took over the gallery business in 2000.
The Dalype Gallery is constantly showing works by artists with very solid background, but also serves as a display for artists who do not necessarily have heavy art education and much experience with previous exhibitions.

Tore Hauge (photo) lives in Oslo. On facebook he met a Vietnamese girl living and working in Taipei. Three years ago he flew to Taiwan to visit her. He fell in love with the girl – and the country, starting reading many books about the beautiful island. He even took a three month course in Mandarin in Oslo. He visited Taipei also in 2016 and in 2017 taking plenty photos with the exhibition “Taipei” this year as result. Some of his photos are from Vietnam, England, France and Norway. Framed photos, photos on t-shirts, cups, bags and pins have been on sale. The photos from Taiwan can be seen here: http://www.torehaugehome.com/420589326.  The exhibition ends today, May 22nd.

Taiwan is a democratic modern small Pacific country of the size of Denmark, but has more than 23 million citizens. Europeans used to call the island Formosa because of its beauty of nature. • Minister of foreign affairs Jaushieh Joseph Wu (photo) invites more Europeans to visit and explore Taiwan with a camera. With a valid passport from an European country, visitors get three months visa when entering the country. Therefor Norwegians visit Taiwan for business, for birdwatching, mountain climbing, biking, surfing, or as Tore Hauge for love and photographing. At Easter former prime minister to Norway Gro Harlem Brundtland and her husband Arne Olav visited Taiwan for their second time. She is impressed by Taiwan´s high technical development, excellent health system, clean environment and all the females in the politics.

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