Bulgarian Mosaics to Be Presented in Norway


An innovative mobile exhibition titled “Bulgaria and the Mosaics” will be unveiled in Stavanger, Norway on May 3 at 6 p.m. local time, the Bulgarian Embassy in Oslo says on its Facebook page. Pianist Kiril Kutin, who founded the Stavanger International Piano Festival, and 10-year-old violinist Isola Lin will perform on the opening evening.

The event is organized by the Bulgarian Embassy in collaboration with the board of the St Peter’s Church in Stavanger.

Photo: Facebook/Bulgarian Embassy in Norway

The exhibition aims to present the rich and diverse mosaic heritage in Bulgaria through selected details of ancient, medieval and modern mosaics. It also highlights Bulgaria’s contribution to the preservation and research of the mosaic heritage in Southeastern Europe.

“Bulgaria and the Mosaics” consists of 26 printed panels, each equipped with a QR code that leads to a website presenting the digital part of the exhibition. The website gives information about the presented objects, their location on the map, the institutions and organizations thanks to which they are included in the exhibition, and short texts about the history, problems and practices of preserving mosaic art in Bulgaria.

The exhibition was developed by the Balkan Heritage Foundation in 2023 in cooperation with Bulgarian museums, non-profit organizations and experts in the field of art studies and archaeology.

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