U.S. Embassy in Oslo to Huseby

“Foto: Den amerikanske ambassade”

The U.S. Embassy in Oslo is pleased to announce that the construction of the new embassy compound is completed and the embassy will be open for business at the new address Morgedalsvegen 36 starting May 15, 2017.

Since 1959, the U.S. Embassy has been located at Drammensveien 18/Henrik Ibsens gate 48 in the heart of Oslo. Unfortunately, the current embassy building has become too small for the size of the U.S. diplomatic mission in Oslo, and its site cannot accommodate the features required for a modern American embassy. Therefore, in June 2004, the U.S. Government signed a purchase agreement with the Norwegian Government for a tract of land at Huseby as the site for a new embassy, and building began in May 2012.

 U.S. Embassy Chargé d’Affaires, Jim DeHart:

“Foto: Den amerikanske ambassade”

We are truly excited to move to our new embassy building at Huseby. We want our new embassy to be an extension of the great and enduring U.S.-Norway relationship, and we look forward to being good neighbors and continuing to provide high-quality services to our visitors in this new facility.

The new embassy site incorporates numerous sustainable features, including a restored stream and a ground source heat exchange system that will allow the Embassy to meet nearly 100% of its heating load. Furthermore, it is anticipated to reach a LEED Gold Certification by the Green Building Certification Institute.

 “I am particularly proud to say that we are moving to a site that is sustainable and green. It far exceeds some of the strictest energy and sustainability codes in the world,” says Chargé DeHart.

(N.Sethu,  U.S. Embassy Oslo)

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