Dual citizenship will be allowed in Norway


The Norwegian parliament has decided that dual citizenship will be allowed for everyone who is, or wish to become, a Norwegian citizen.

On 6 December 2018, the Norwegian parliament decided that in the future everyone who is, or wish to become, a Norwegian citizen will be allowed to have dual citizenship.

It will take at least one year until the new rules are introduced.  

When the new rules are introduced, it will also be possible for people who have lost their Norwegian citizenship according to the old rules, to get it back.  

In the meantime, the old rules regarding dual citizenship still apply. This means that if you have applied for Norwegian citizenship, have been given a promise of Norwegian citizenship or have been told to release yourself from your previous citizenship the old rules still apply to you. 

We do not yet know which date the new rules will be introduced. 

As soon as we have any news, we will publish information here about the new rules and about what date they will be introduced.  


  1. This is great. How does it affect those of us who immigrated to other countries decades ago and lost our Norwegian citizenship? I came to Canada as a child of 7 years (1960)& had no control over any decisions made by my parents to become Canadian citizens thus losing our Norwegian citizenship.

    • I understand how you feel. My family moved to the US also in the 1960s . My mothers home country Luxembourg has started a program that alows children of parents to regain citizenship. Its called recovery of citizenship. I am currently working on this.


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